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Want more repair leads?

Advertising comes at a high cost. Google Adwords can even run $5-$10 per click or more. Yes, per click. And you may not even see the lead. In fact, chances are – you may not.

Join the Phone Surgeons® Referral Network and only pay for the leads you receive. Leads that actually make it to your inbox.

How it works

Easy. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll add you to the queue on our repair quote form.

When a visitor to our site fills out the quote form and selects the city your repair shop is in – you get the lead automatically sent to your inbox. You get a new qualified repair lead. We get $5. (See our simple terms here)

Why send them to you?

We receive hundreds of leads per month. Some we can’t service because they are out of range of a Phone Surgeons® location.

Instead of letting that lead die, we’ll route it to you.

We get the satisfaction of knowing that person may still get their phone fixed, you get a ready-to-buy repair lead. Win-win.

Stop paying for ad clicks and start paying for actual repair leads. Join the Phone Surgeons Repair Network today.

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