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With Phone Surgeons and Drybox, We’re Making Your Wet Phone Dry.

Let’s face it. Man’s best friend may no longer have 4-legs. It has 4Gs. Many of us have become inseparable from our smartphones. When disaster strikes and we watch our precious cell phone sink to its watery grave, images of life without it flash before our eyes. Get ready for tears and the gnashing of teeth. A wet phone is good as dead, until today.

DryBox offers a quick and cost-effective solution to the wet phone problem. bring it to a Phone Surgeons location near you, after being dried in the DryBox machine, the phone either comes to life immediately, or it is a confirmed goner. It’s a quick rescue with encouraging statistics, with little to lose. Heartbroken cell phone users can dry their phones, dry their eyes, and get back to work without going off the deep end.[/col]