About Phone Surgeons®

Phone Surgeons® are rapidly growing a network of trusted phone and tablet repair technicians throughout the United States.  Phone Surgeons repair smartphones and tablets in branded walk-in service centers (Emergency Rooms) and in store-inside-store kiosks (Urgent Cares) in partnerships with big box retailers.  Additionally, a fleet of certified Emergency Mobile Techs (E.M.T.’s) serves clients.

Whether you bring your broken phone or tablet to an E.R., an Urgent Care or dispatch a Mobile EMT, all Phone Surgeons are focused on delivering a first in class repair experience and a building a brand that consumers can trust to restore and preserve their digital lifelines.

Phone Surgeons® opened their headquarters and state of the art training facility in Newburgh, Indiana in September of 2013 and their flagship E.R. in Evansville, Indiana in June of 2014. The first official licensed Phone Surgeons® E.R. was also opened in June 2014 in Danbury, Connecticut. Phone Surgeons® have trained and certified over 100 E.M.T.’s (Emergency Mobile Technicians) in a network of over 50 locations and growing.

Our Guiding Vision

The Phone Surgeons® brand was born in February of 2011 with a simple guiding vision.  Founder Chris Jourdan was standing in a wireless franchise store that he owned at the time and witnessed one of the wireless professionals on his team send two clients in a row out the door after a very brief interaction.

Upon questioning, the rep informed Chris that the clients had broken phones and that they were unable to help them… after finding out that this was a daily occurrence, the growing epidemic of broken smartphones and lack of a trusted source to repair them became a problem that Chris became passionate about fixing, and the solution, Phone Surgeons was born. Phone Surgeons® was founded with a simple goal in mind – a vision of becoming “The Most Trusted Brand in Smartphone Repair”™.